Virtual Vehicle

Worldwide Partner Network

A fast-growing, worldwide network of over 80 industry and 40 research partners

Exchange and cooperation – the scientific foundation

Cooperation with scientific partners is one of the key points of the COMET program. The integration into the network of universities and other scientific institutions is of great importance for the VIRTUAL VEHICLE as well.

The willingness to cooperate with a bold view over the technical and geographical horizons is also an important requirement for advanced research because it is precisely at the interfaces between disciplines where innovative solutions are often generated. Thus, since its inception, VIRTUAL VEHICLE has placed a high priority on working in international partnerships and innovation networks and helping to coordinate activities in this context.

Innovation in the industrial network

At the VIRTUAL VEHICLE, a close cooperation with industry is both a tradition and the basis for the success of the research center. Only through close involvement in industrial development processes and the fostering of sustainable, strategic partnerships can success be achieved in cooperative projects - a fruitful interplay of scientific expertise and technical competence for the development of common know-how for pre-competitive issues.

The success factors of the VIRTUAL VEHICLE

  • Medium to long-term perspective in cooperation
  • Fostering mutual trust (e.g. by realistic earnings expectation, professional project handling, confidentiality - especially if a number of competitors are in a partner network)
  • Quality of results and cooperation
  • Balanced rights to project results, which leads to a win-win situation for their use
  • Establishment and maintenance of strategic partnerships which allow for intense cooperation

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