Virtual Vehicle

FRIDA – Friction Power Test Rig for series motors

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The friction power test rig developed and assembled at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE is called FRIDA (Friction dynamometer). It allows an economic determination of the friction losses for standard engines. Thereby, not only the total losses can be determined, but also a detailed assignment of the losses in the individual subsystems like piston group, plain bearings of the crankshaft drive and valve train is possible. With its flexibility, FRIDA is suitable for a variety of applications - for determining the losses in standard driving cycles as well as for targeted testing of the performance of coatings, low viscosity engine oils and other constructive measures.


Compared to the floating liner measurements, FRIDA offers the advantage that no major structural modifications of the engine, i.e. no loosening of the liners and no restrictions on speeds and loads are required. This makes the method developed at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE a very economical way to determine the friction losses for series motors under realistic conditions.


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