Virtual Vehicle

Information & Process Management

Information & Process Mangement

External conditions, such as time and cost pressure, and the increasing variety of vehicle models have a marked influence on vehicle development procedures. For this reason, the demand for virtual methods has increased significantly. To meet this demand, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE develops approaches and methods for efficient, interdisciplinary vehicle development that incorporate the influences of environment, processes, organization, and corporate culture.

In virtual development, as commonly defined, the need for full-vehicle prototypes is greatly reduced or even completely eliminated. Instead, an appropriate combination of development methods (numerical and physical simulations) or principle tests is deployed, which also enables a frontloading (i.e. a high level of maturity in the early development phase). However, this approach also has long-range consequences that go beyond the required virtual simulation methods.

Modular Information Management

Vehicle manufacturers and development service providers face the risk of a restricted actionability due to the rising tide of data and information (variants, dependencies,...). There is currently a major challenge to find integrative approaches that are capable to support the development process adequately through the skillful integration of existing insulated systems.The research field modular information management accelerates the development of new technology components for a flexible and distributed information and process management....Furher information

Model-based Vehicle Development

The primary aim in the research area of Model-based Vehicle Development is the further development of approaches in model-based systems engineering for the consistent vehicle development and production planning while flexibly integrating the partners in all phases of the product life cycle. This will secure in future a smooth, efficient and stronger integrated virtual development of even more complex products in the automotive industry...Further information