Virtual Vehicle

Model-based Vehicle Development

The primary aim of the Model-based Vehicle Development research area is to further develop approaches in model-based systems engineering for consistent vehicle development and production planning, while flexibly integrating the partners in all phases of the product lifecycle. This will provide a smooth, efficient and more thoroughly integrated virtual development of even more complex products in the automotive industry.

 In this context, the most significant challenge is the establishment of a functional product(portfolio) architecture that takes into account the prevailing abstract constructs and interdependencies. The exploration of intuitive possibilities is directly connected to the control of the development tasks and the associated production planning. The research topics will be systematically developed in Area A, whereby a close cooperation with areas B-E and the cross-domain Area X is targeted.

 Area Information & Process Management has accomplished a broad range of successful research projects in the field of Information & Process Management. In particular those are open Manufacturing Process Management (OpenMPM), Lifecycle Intelligence Solution & Applications (L.I.S.A.), Digital Manufacturing Mock Up (DMMU), Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO) and Future PLM.

 Research themes

  • Models for relevant aspects of a functional product(portfolio) architecture and the associated interfaces for discipline-specific development tasks (e.g. simulation, verification) and production planning (Digital Factory)

  • Formalized application of modeling to support system requirements evaluation, layout, analysis, design and safeguarding
  • Business logic (e.g. analysis methods, planning scenarios, display of views) for handling of the process-oriented connections of models

  • Flexible and transparent system, component, or function verification along the product lifecycle by means of a consistent model architecture


  • A2_T1 FLmP - Funktionale Lenkung mechatronischer Produkte
  • A2_T2 SzioPlan - Szenariobasierte Planungsumgebung der digitalen Fabrik
  • A2_T3 IdeaS - Integrated definition and long-range planning of adaptive Product-Service-Systems