Virtual Vehicle

Modular Information Management

The rising tide of data and information (e.g. variants, dependencies) present the risk of impeding the operational abilities of vehicle manufacturers and development service providers. One major challenge at the moment is to find integrative approaches that can provide adequate support for the development process through the skillful integration of existing insulated systems.

The research field of modular information management accelerates the development of new technology components for a flexible and distributed information and process management. Thereby, cross-disciplinary cooperation and information integration should be enabled without endangering the discipline-specific optimization of individual development systems.

Research themes

  • Interdisciplinary approaches for the smooth, process-oriented capture, maintenance and distribution of specialized,      local product data and information throughout the product lifecycle (e.g. flexible integration platform)

  • Supporting disciplinary or inter-departmental cooperation in engineering via new/improved data/information models and information integration of heterogeneous processes and tool chains

  • PLM cockpit for information research/analysis and collaboration platform for the future engineering workplace


  • A1_T1 FIND - Flexible Daten- und Informationsvernetzung
  • A1_T2 MDO - Multidomain-Optimierung in der Drehgestellentwicklung