Virtual Vehicle

Vehicle Noise Reduction

NVH Analysis of the full vehicle

Conventional drive concepts still have a great potential for further development in order to meet the high requirements in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. Virtual development methods make an important contribution, since they can represent future product requirements faster and at lower costs. The drive train must be intensively observed in the early development stages, taking into account the requirements of the full vehicle. An important goal is thereby also to analyse the acoustic images of the complete work with simulation models. Methods for the characterization and reduction of interior and exterior noise are still very relevant. The acoustic calculation of a complete vehicle requires the combination of different disciplines like, e.g. the calculation of the vehicle body and its coupling with the vehicle interior considering its absorption properties.

The current, rapidly progressing developments in the field of electrification of the drive train mean additional challenges due to the increasing complexity, greater variety of variants, the need for more interdisciplinarity and improvement of the consistency in the development process.