Virtual Vehicle

Aerodynamics & 3D Simulation

The area "Aerodynamics & 3D simulation" mainly deals with the reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions influenced by the aerodynamic resistance of vehicles. For this purpose the flow around and through the vehicle (the engine compartment) is being analysed and optimized. Furthermore, the air lift forces and their effect on the driving stability are being examined. The aim of this work area is to expand the aerodynamic skills steadily in order to process the varied range of tasks of the vehicle aerodynamics. With the area Aeroacoustics, another topic was opened up in 2012.

Main Areas:


  • 3D simulation of the fluid flow through complex geometries and model reduction
  • Simulation of multiphase systems
  • Simulation of fluid induced noise



  • ParaView
  • AVL Fire
  • EnSight
  • OpenFOAM
  • CFS++