Virtual Vehicle

Internal Combustion Concepts

The focus of the area Internal Combustion Concepts (ICC) lies on the research of innovative combustion concepts for car and truck drive systems by optimizing the combustion influencing parameters under widely varying basic requirements. The approaches include engine modifications, i.e. the reduction of engine raw emissions through further development of diesel combustion process, under the basic condition of an efficient air flow system but also the measures outside the engine, i.e. basic developments for exhaust gas treatment, in particular of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) based systems. The application of simulation for supporting the operating strategy development for an intake air management as well as for integrated multi-dimensional development of hybrid drive systems for cars supplements the work area. The Working Group ICC cooperates in its research activities particularly with the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics of TU Graz.

Main Topics:

  • Reduction of engine out emission by internal and external measures
  • Fundamental research and development for exhaust gas aftertreatment especially on SCR-
    (Selective Catalytic Reduction) based systems
  • Electrification / Hybridization of passenger cars and Range Extended EV’s
  • Powertrain simulation with focus on internal combustion engines


  • futher development of conventional and homogenous diesel combustion process with efficient charging systems
  • Simulation methods for operation strategy development in air management, exhaust gas aftertreatment and combustion concepts
  • Use of simulation for the integrated multidimentional development of hybrid drive systems for passenger cars
  • Co-Simulation of vehicle power train
  • Engine in the Loop trials

Software Pool:

  • Matlab / Simulink
  • AVL Boost,
    AVL Fire,
    AVL Concerto, AVL Cruise
  • ViF - ICOS