Virtual Vehicle

Mobile Air Conditioning


The area "Mobile Air Conditioning" deals with the model- und method development in the field of automotive air conditioning. The main focus is on one hand, the simulation and optimization of the conventional coolant cycles and the reduction of fuel consumption associated to it. On the other hand, however, multi-circuit systems for battery cooling and heat pump systems for efficient heating of hybrid and electric vehicles are also investigated.

Main Topics:

  • Energy-efficient AC-Systems
  • Alternative Refrigerants
  • Heat Pump Technologies
  • Thermal Comfort
  • NVH vs. AC-Systems


  • Models with different degrees of detail (Product Development Process)
  • Co-Simulation
  • Validation and Verification by the V-Approach
  • Experimental Analysis

Software Pool:

  • Matlab Simulink (ViF Model Library)
  • Modelica Dymola (ACL – Library, TIL Library)
  • KULI, Flowmaster
  • ViF-ICOS