Virtual Vehicle

Thermal Management & 1D Simulation

"Thermal management" of a vehicle means the thermodynamic view of the provision of power as well as the regulation and control of the energy flow. The solution of the goal conflicts between the thermal comfort in the passenger compartment and the requirements on the drive concept represent a major challenge. Working on fast, yet accurate simulation models for the thermal management is an important part of research in this area.







Main Topics:

  • Thermal Behavior of Drive Train Components
  • Full-Vehicle Simulation (Energy Management)
  • Auxiliaries







Software Pool:

  • Models with different degrees of detail (Product Development Process)

  • Co-Simulation

  • Validation and Verification by the V-Approach

  • Optimization Methods

  • Control Strategies (e.g. MPC – Control)

  • Experimental Analysis


  • Matlab/Simulink, Dymola (ViF Model Library)

  • Tesis-Dyna4

  • AVL Boost, AVL Fire, AVL Cruise

  • KULI, Flowmaster

  • ViF-ICOS