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Lifecycle Intelligence Solution & Applications (A3_V20)

Dauer: 01.10.2007 - 30.06.2009


The research project “LISA” (Lifecycle Intelligence Solution and Applications) generates a lifecycle intelligence platform to fulfil the needs in a networked collaborative environment based on the existing PLM360TM approach. Based on the ability of multi view creation within the Product Development Processes, users are able to realize their goals in a unique virtual workspace. Operating with an overall semantic information layer, proprietary file based concepts are replaced to achieve a seamless integration of heterogenous information sources.




Die Zielsetzungen des Projektes beziehen sich auf die Verbesserung bestehender Methodiken im Umfeld PLM sowie der Erarbeitung neuer Konzepte, Methoden und Prozesse welche im heutigen Umfeld der Produktentwicklung noch nicht etabliert sind.
Diese Methoden, Prozesse und Konzepte dienen als Implementierungsbasis für PLM360.

Im Folgenden sind diese Inhaltlichen Ziele kurz erläutert:

  • Integration of lifecycle disciplines: By dissolving file structures and enrichment of information with semantic technologies enabling interoperability between domains and disciplines
  • Flexibility: Configurable structures adapting the platform to company profiles instead of extensive unmanageable programming effort
  • Sensitivity analysis and Impact studies: Handling uncertainty during the life cycle process, evaluation of critical variables
  • Providing context specific information: for each activity integrating all levels of the information model from business to test data levels.
  • Robust multidisciplinary design of components: Management of multi partner design and simulation activities.
  • Decision Support: Containing multidisciplinary configuration management and integrated knowledge based information layer