Stefan Spirk

Ass. Prof. Dr.

P: +43 316 873 32284 E: affiliation: Institute for Paper, Pulp- and Fibre Technology, hosted by ICTM

Stefan Spirk studied chemistry (main focus synthetic inorganic chemistry) at University of Graz where he finished 2006 his diploma and 2009 his PhD with Prof. R. Pietschnig. During this time, he worked on the synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of sterically demanding polyfunctional organosilicon compounds. One of the main aims was to isolate intermediate products which occur during polysiloxane synthesis.

Afterwards, he worked for one year as postdoc with Prof. V. Ribitsch on surface modification of polysaccharide based materials in the EU funded Surfuncell project. The main topic was to create hybrid materials on the basis of cellulose and silicon compounds using sol-gel chemistry. In October 2010, Stefan was awarded an Intraeuropean Marie Curie Fellowship by the EU. He moved to University of Bielefeld, Germany, where he joined Prof. Norbert Mitzel’s group. There, Stefan’s research dealt with the structural investigations of small molecules by means of gas phase electron diffraction. The aim was to synthesize and to characterize compounds which can serve as precursors for silicon oxynitride.

From October 2011, he has been working at University of Maribor (with Prof. Stana-Kleinschek) in the frame of the Marie Curie project STEP (Shaping and Transformation in the Engineering of Polysaccharides). The main focus of his work was led on tailoring the surface properties of functional polysaccharide based materials and to study the interaction capacity of these materials with biomolecules.

His work has been disseminated in numerous scientific articles, in a book chapter and in many talks at national and international conferences. In addition, Stefan organized a science event on the occasion of the European Capital of Culture in Maribor in July 2012 (Out of the Box - Lab, together with Marko Samec, Uni-Maribor) close to the main square in Maribor, Slovenia. Currently, he is also involved as advisory board member in the EU funded STREAM project which aims at strengthening the Romanian research area by knowhow transfer and staff exchange. Stefan’s research interests can be divided into three major topics:

-Nanocellulosic materials (thin films, nanofibers, nanocrystals, aerogels) and their interaction capacity with biomolecules (e.g. DNA, proteins, polysaccharides) using QCM-D

-Hybrid materials on the basis of renewable materials (e.g. chitosan and chitin blended with silicates)

-Nanoparticles with inorganic core and polysaccharide shell for biomedical applications (e.g. simultaneous antimicrobial and antithrombogenic surfaces, inkjet printing of electrodes for medical devices)

Publications in peer reviewed journals


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