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Speaker prize

The speaker prize was sponsored by Apeiron Synthesis and was granted to two contributed speakers, namely to Annelies Dewaele for the contributed lecture entitled "Valorization of Polybutadiene Waste Streams to Unsaturated Macrocycles with Ru Metathesis Catalysts" and to Viktor Mougel for his lecture entitled "Quantitatively Analyzing Metathesis Catalyst Activity and Structural Features in Silica-supported Tungsten Imido-Alkylidene Complexes"


Poster prize

Four poster prizes (sponsored by Wiley VCH, Wiley & Sons and Graz University of Technology) were granted to Ming Joo Koh for the poster presentation entitled “High-value Alcohols and Higher-oxidation-state Compounds by Catalytic Z-selective Cross-metathesis”, Celine Bittner for the poster presentation entitled “Cross Metathesis of terminal Alkynes”, Efrat Levin and Or Eivgi for their poster presentation entitled “Guiding Chemistry with Light: From Regioselective RCM to new Concepts in Selective PPGs Removal” and to Suman Sen for the poster presentation entitled “N-Heterocyclic Carbene Molybdenum Alkylidene Complexes: Functional-group Tolerant Metathesis Catalysts”.